The Art of Curing and Preserving

A delicious examination of all things aged and pickled

Northern Git buddies up with Brett Matthews from Astronoma Wines to investigate the arcane art of curing and preserving, in a five-course banquet featuring house-cured and preserved foods matched with natural wines from Kyneton’s Musk Lane Winery.

What does that look like, exactly? Prosciutto that’s been aged for 24 months, cured kingfish, pickled octopus and chorizo, 140-day dry-aged beef, and drunken fruit cake with mature cheddar – all perfectly matched with some delectable wines, that’s what.

We’ll finish with a Q&A about food, wine, and maturation. A perfect Thornbury evening.

– 24-month prosciutto
– Cured kingfish
– Pickled octopus and chorizo
– 140-day dry-aged beef
– Drunken fruit cake with mature cheddar

Date:  Wednesday, March 29th

Price: $150

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